Services on Bitcoin Morpheus

Bitcoin Morpheus is shutting down!

As of today, the services on Bitcoin Morpheus will not be offered anymore. If you have already sent cash, check or a money order in the mail, I will honor the order.

Any cash, check or money order received after October 21, 2011 will not be processed. If it is a check or money order, I will simply tear it up. Cash will be returned minus the cost of sending it back (cash may be kept if I cannot return it, or returning it would cost more than the amount sent.)

Why is Bitcoin Morpheus shutting down?

Running Bitcoin Morpheus is more labor intensive than I have time for. There is not enough demand for my services to allow me to focus on this service more, and the labor involved exceeds the free time I have to put into it.

Alternative Services

If you would still like to buy bitcoin and/or Mt Gox USD, I suggest using an alternative service.

I’m currently working with someone creating a service to replace mine. As soon as I have more information, I will post it on this page. If you can’t wait, see the suggestions below.

If you planned to send me a money order or check, I suggest using Dwolla instead. With Dwolla, you can transfer money into your account directly from your bank account. Then you can transfer your Dwolla money into Mt Gox where you can buy bitcoin on the open market.

If you planned to send me cash in the mail, I do not know of another cash service currently active which I have a relationship with or have had one in the past.

Check out the exchanges on the Bitcoin Wiki for a list of all alternatives.